My name is Noah Gildersleeve. I love good music, good food and drink,  and good friends, not necessarily in that order. This blog is for my thoughts and musings, as well as a place to put side projects that don’t really fit into my other site http://www.bromads.com, check it out. If you are looking at this, I assume you know me, or maybe people other than me are finally looking at this site. If that is the case

Hi People!!!

Take a look around. This is a brief intro, but the skinny is that I am a musician turned technologist now traveling and seeing what there is to see. I hope that my creative juices haven’t been sapped by years in an office, but we’ll see.

Now a photo of me in Mexico. You see Mexico in the back behind my awesome beard.

There I am in Mexico, you see it behind my awesome beard.